How to behave at a poker table: Rules of etiquette in online

Even professional players who have earned thousands of dollars in an online coat are not always well oriented in the rules, because the soft-corner software does not allow gross violations. But in addition to the obvious principles of the game that "sewn" In software, there are a few more important subtleties that can not even lead to a bath.

It is about so-called gaming, batoning and camping during cache game.


Switching to Sitaut immediately after it is done by a weak player. It is one of the most grossing disorders of poker etiquette that can cause severe punishment. Will the lover continue the game at such a table? Most likely – no, he will go looking for more pleasant rivals.


The desire to play only from free positions and leave the table, just as the turn to put the blinds. Unspoken poker etiquette says players have to play approximately the same number of distributions from all positions.


Waiting for a corresponding opponent in Sitauta. Thus blocked the tables and other players may experience difficulty. According to the rules of the most poker corners, only two players can be in Sitauta at the same time. Just as they sit down the third – the game should start.

On the other hand, polite handling of all pokerists has always been in price. Hold emotions, do not insult your rivals, politely respond to adequate criticism-and you will never have to blush for your actions in front of the poker-Rum Security Service.