Specificity of the work of a poker photographer: the story of Professional Antonio Abrego

Antonio Abrego is a well -known poker photographer who works, in particular, at WSOP festivals and other large series and projects. He got into the poker industry by accident in 2015.

On the advice of Comrade Antonio visited the world series of poker to take the first shots on poker themes. He absolutely did not understand the specifics of the game, did not distinguish star players, so without curiosities on the first day could not.

I went to the table where professional players were sitting in poker and asking the guy in glasses: "This is you – Phil Laka?", – mentions Antonio Abrego.

The whole table exploded with laughter. Everyone began to say that he was Phil Laka. Himself "Unabomber" showed himself on the best side and honestly confessed to an inexperienced photographer. It will take the whole 6 years, as Antonio Abrego will go back to Las Vegas’s world series and take many pictures that are published on all world sites today.

WSOP Bracelet / Photo Antonio Abrego for Pokergo.com

Antonio’s most important frame on WSOP 2021 is the moment of disappointment of Phil Helmut when he once again stopped in a step from winning the 16th Bracelet. Now the photography of Antonio Abrego has been on the list of nominees for the GPI Awards-2021, the award ceremony will take place on February 18.

Adam Friedman wins Phil Helmut / Photo Antonio Abrago for Pokergo.com

For his career Antonio has shot many iconic moments in the poker world. For example, it was he who photographed Daniel Negrean when he tried to break the protective fence intended for the safety of players during a pandemic. Or Dawyle Branson’s game from the sea Skandani in the corner of the room during the WSOP Festival this year.