The prayers originally celebrated Gelovin: whose image became the best this year

Traditionally, Gelovin is dressed in different costumes and compete in the originality of their characters. Among the pokerists this time was Kevin Martin, who made a whole parody on the most scandalous distribution of the year.

Pokerists like to have fun and delight the audience with vivid images on Gelovin. Many of them eagerly shared their photos on social networks and this year.

Girls traditionally treated the case very seriously. Melissa Schubert tried on the image of Kruella de Wil – the main villain of the cartoon "101 Dalmatian", and Sarah Underwood For his image arranged a whole photo shoot.

Melissa Schubert / Photo from Melissaschubert Instagram

Sarah Underwood / Photo by Instagram Saraunderwood

Professional poterist Lion Boer struck fans with a candid red dress with deep cutouts.

Julia Hanna Cornellius shared a positive photo of one of the tournaments where all participants were thoroughly prepared for Gelovin.

And here Phil Helmut, It looks like this year did not prepare, but again decided to remind the world about his genius, posted archival photos, where he appeared in different images in the tournaments of the world series of poker.

Farraz Jaca Prepared for the second day of the online tournament, so he only managed to make an important detail for every home from the pumpkin. Confessed – he did everything with his own hands.

Garrett Adelstein, Which still remains at the scandal epicenter because of Robbie Leu, a family photo with his wife has added and reported that their family replenishment soon.

Well and the brightest tweet this year to Gelovin added a Canadian poker Kevin Martin. They and his wife created a whole parody of the same distribution between Adelstein and Leu, adding spiciness to Robbie’s image.