Wants to become the best porester in history: Phil Helmut could win a record bracelet wsop

The record holder by the number of poker world series Phil Helmut is known for its explosive character. But a 57-year-old American is also distinguished by an unusual style of play that still brings him a result.

This year Phil Helmut is quite modestly on the WSOP. Half of the tournament distance behind and "Poker Brat" remembered except that he suffered a coronavirus in the beginning of the series. After returning, the legendary American actively plays tournaments in Las Vegas, but did not have much success until the event # 65 began Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em for $ 3,000.

This tournament was 1 359 inputs that made the prize fund 3 628 350 dollars. Phil Helmut made his way on the third day of competitions with a good stack, intending to upgrade his record and win the 17th career bracelet.

Also, do not forget that Phil Helmut is the best player WSOP in the number of second places – 13. So when "Poker Brat" Remaining face-to-face with David Jackson, It was his 30th hedz-up in the world series of poker.

Helmut stack threw in different directions during the final day, but at the same time he behaved as calmly as possible. For example, last year Phil in a similar tournament threatened to burn everything to the ground when he didn’t have. This time even after a series of failures he behaved as calm as possible.

In Head-Apa, Phil Helmut gave way to David Jackson on Stack 4 times, but at some point they even equalized behind chips. The rival dared on an expensive bluff on postflop when in legends "They hid" On the hands of a pocket ace. But Jackson quickly returned a comfortable advantage, and in the last distribution was a prefab KJ against A7 and caught Street on River.

Phil Helmut stopped in step from the 17th bracelet WSOP, while earning $ 369 698. Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em David Jackson got 598 173 dollars.