Over $ 200,000 in 5 days: why should you learn to play Omah

American professional Connor "Bianconegro" Drynan-While the main character of the Spring Championships from the online cover (Scoop). Connor, at this time, is the only one this year who has been able to win 3 champion titles.

Moreover, only three poker in history was similar to him, and four Scoop titles won only Sean Day in 2012 in one series in one series. So Drynan has every chance to go down in history, because there are many tournaments ahead of this year’s spring championship.

What about the trophies who "Bianconegro" Already won, all of them were in the Pot-Smith Omasi. Initially, Connor won tournament with Bay-in $ 530, which gathered 378 participants. It brought him $ 34,000.

Subsequently, Drynan became the best among Hirolers. Having won tournament entrance to which cost as much as $ 5,200, the American earned over 150 thousand.

Finally "Bianconegro" demonstrated his skills in a much cheaper competition (Bay-in $ 215), where he had to resist much more opponents. Connor proved to be the best among 1052 pokerists, for which he received over $ 28,000. The fifth in this tournament, by the way, finished Ukrainian with nickname "1yyy". He got over $ 5,000 in prize.