Cow to undress: rules and variants of the game – photo

Actually in many countries there are whole tournaments with strip poker. One of them even officially got to the Guinness Book of Records. In 2006 in London to play poker for undressing 196 people who became a world record.

Record tournament with Strip Poker / Photo: Getty Images

So what is needed to play strip poker:

  • Know the rules of poker
  • Cards, chips ..
  • The courage and willingness to take off your clothes
  • Approximately the same number of clothing for each player
  • Arrangement before starting a game of how far you are ready to go in dressing

How to play

The game itself takes place according to the usual poker rules. Most often choose a Haldem, or old-good Dro-Poker. Combinations, order of ponds, actions at the table – everything in the scenario of traditional poker competitions. The main difference is in the title – in the process of the game will have to lose items of clothing. But when you need to undress there are several options.

Game options

Classic strip poker

In classic poker on undressing clothes are used as a rib. That is, everything begins traditionally, and when someone loses all the stack, he is forced to change the item of clothes to chips to return to the game. And so until we dressed is left only one.

Quick strip pillar

In this embodiment, clothes should be removed after every loose distribution on the shower. Such a game will pass, of course, much faster. However, it is important not to overdo it with this speed, because if it all endes in 10 minutes, then you should be fun hardly.

How many clothes?

If, it is a honest poker to undress, then all participants should be equal. That is, before the game it is necessary to negotiate how many items will be on every player. For example, at our record tournament with Strip Poker, each participant wore 5 items. And in what order to remove them is your will. Someone started with a cap and someone, on the contrary, left her in the last. The most severe, one way or another, allowed to wrap in a sheet.

In fact, a strip-poker game can be many and limitations-just your fantasy and relaxation. To the process, for example, you can add the game to "desire", for which you can regain part of your clothes. And the undressing process can be turned into a whole performance.

The main goal remains unchanged – to enjoy playing poker.