Fyodor Holtz Space Antrut: Retrospective 2016

A few years ago, a whole cohort of new names that became the legislators of modern game trends broke into the poker community. German poterist Fyodor Holtz from that generation is rightly called one of the most striking representatives.

Fyodor Holtz, truth be told, was enough only one season to jump on poker Olympus. Let’s remember 2016 when a 22-year-old German earned a whole bunch of money and the status of a world poker megazir.

Taking Gul in 2015, when Holtz lost 30% of his bankroll, the German quickly rehabilitated at the start of the new season. Fedor risked $ 200,000 in the Supeheyrolers tournament in the Philippines and won the first prize – over 3 million. During the next 5 months, the poterist added four more 6-digit payments to Banrol, after which he issued his next BEST staff.

Fedor Holtz / Photo PokerNews

At the end of May, Fyodor Holtz, although finished by the second in Ivant for 300,000 bucks, put 3.5 million in his pocket. The German Personal Record bar, however, soon risen even higher. With huge baggage of confidence, Fedor went to a world series of poker, where he won his first gold bracelet. Victory in High Rolller for One-Drop for $ 111 $ 111 brought to the champion nearly $ 5 million in prize.

Fedor Holtz / photo wsop

During this period, in addition to playing skill, Fedor Holtz gained a precious Becker experience. The German during the year successfully invested in rivals and received a significant profite. Let’s say that High Roller for One-Drop Holtz bought a solid share from Aldemira’s cora, which finished in third place. After leaving Las Vegas, the pakeist went to conquer Mother Europe and ignited again. Holtz was not equal in EPT tournament in Barcelona for 50,000 euros. Triumph brought Fyodor another $ 1.5 million.

Fedor Holtz / Photo Ept

In total, in 2016, the German prodigy has issued four 7-digit prize and nine 6-digit. Holz’s final prize in the season amounted to nearly 16.1 million, which is almost half of the quarry of poterist in offline-MTT. However, the success in the poker is known to be measured by the profute – the difference between investment and payments. Fyodor Holtz during this year was also fine in this regard. The German calculated that he put more than $ 10 million in his pocket clean, which is a phenomenal result.