Gleb Tremzin’s Fairytale Star: PokerMatch expert won a record amount of money

Gleb Tremzin went incredible way in Main Event Winter Series with Bay-in $ 530. This large-scale poker event has gathered over 4,000 entrances that made the chances of any player to victory frankly low. Moreover, Gleb made his way on the second day of the tournament with a stack of only 9 BB.

Seemed to expect a successful result little. But what has arranged an experienced MTT player in a straight ether will remain in the memory of all fans and viewers. Doubling, successful bluffs, "Reaches" and "crossings" led to the third and final day of Main ENent PokerMatch expert already started with the second stack among the 16 participants who stayed in the game.

Place for Stream Gleb Tremzin / Photo from Instagram

During the tournament with Gleb there were different stories that have now acquired the status of epic and unique. When "Ti0373" on the arrow ordered food then asked the girl from the delivery service wish him success. This moment got to a direct ether. In case of victory Gleb promised her to send roles. The girl fulfilled the request and noted that she is Faratov and let it better send the whole ram. The next day immediately after victory in the tournament Gleb called this girl right on the stream.

Also before the start of the final day on your Instagram "Ti0373" promised that in the event of a victory will go on a journey to Nuee Island and play one ticket among its subscribers. It was this island that he chose because its population is less than the number of viewers who followed it on the arrow.

According to the triumph of Gleb Tremzin, more than 12,000 spectators were watched in direct ether. The most ardent fans organized improvised fan zone, Watching the Glee Glee game from the screen. Such support gave a poterist strength and confidence. Gleb confidently made his way at the final table, reached the stage 3-max, where he was offered to split money.

Anatoly Nikitin appeared in a fan zone in a ram suit / Photo of stream

This did not happen because Gleb put his condition in front of rivals – to transfer an additional 1,000 dollars of his friend Anatoly "Niktolik" Nikitin who also plays poker and most supported it on a fan zone. The rivals gave up and the game continued. At a moment stack "Ti0373" dropped to 13 BB, but Gleb managed to unbuttoned, go out in a hedz-up, divide there a 233 479 dollars there, and then to pick up an additional 15,000 for winning in a duel face-to-face.

Last tourna

Interesting that in hedz-opa Gleb won the player with Nick "SHIP IT 2010" – Favorite poker expression of Tremzin himself. This stream will definitely go down in history as one of the brightest in 2022.