Zakh Seenser broke the world record from the longest poker game

Zub Seenser sat down to play poker on October 27 at 15:00, and stopped on November 1 at 19:00. He managed to stay 124 hours and beat the Guinness World Record in the longest session of the game in poker.

49-year-old Zakh Secler was working on this grand achievement for a long time. A few years ago, he spent a session of 80 hours in ARIA poker rouma but that was not enough. Since then, Zak has tried to find time and place to finally beat Phil Laaka’s record that kept 11 years old.

This opportunity appeared with the advent of a new poker Rus Rusrts World in Las Vegas. The manager of this institution Gary Hagar supported the Gensler’s initiative. They decided to organize a record poker marathon.

What is known about Zaka Gensler?

Zub Sensler is an artist from Murhead, Minnesota State. He paints interior products made of wood in new houses, and for pleasure playing poker. General always knew he was a hardy player. Zak could sit at the tables for a long time without stopping to sleep.

2019 American made the first attempt to beat Phil Laaka’s record. Then he lasted at the poker table for more than 80 hours. As it turned out it was just a workout. After 2 years, Zubensler staged a continuous 5-day cache game marathon.

ZAK GENERLER (RAP) After completion of marathon / photo

Official recognition of the record

Zaka Gensler’s attempt met all rules and requirements of the Guinness Book of Records. Now judges will take some time to consider directed evidence. Official entry is likely to make in a few months.

The passage of marathon was fixed every hour. A special clock was installed on the television monitor. Rum staff monitored to give up every hand. Genser is also regular "reported" about their success in Twitter.

During marathon, Zak Gensler received a 15-minute break several times. To complete the session on plus he failed. If in his record races, Phil Laka was able to earn almost $ 7,000, Zak eventually lost $ 1,200. Particularly difficult for him were the last few hours.

Zok Gensler won’t try to beat his record. He says if someone dare to new achievement then only greet the winner. About the same as stated in 2011. Interestingly, Phil had already congratulated Zaka on a new record?