Vietnamese was wrong and… won $ 80,000

Script and really absolutely unusual. 2015. World Cup with poker – WSOP. Vietnamese with a US passport makes one and a half thousand dollars. It’s Bay-in for Entrance to Tournament with Unlimited Texas Haldem… at least so thought Christian thought.

Imagine his surprise when the boy instead of two cards handed out at once five. It turned out that Fam accidentally signed up for a tournament with 2-7 Draw Lowball. Here they win combinations that in other species of poker are considered to be the weakest.

In this game Christian never played. So he tried to cancel registration. Of course, after the start of the tournament it was impossible. The boy had to play. One of the rivals kindly agreed to explain the Family rules.

Christian quickly navigated and rushed into battle. Losing was nothing so Vietnamese acted boldly. Most of the Fam tournament was a chip leader. And finally triumphant by won the WSOP gold bracelet in his career. Christian won $ 80,000 in prize. At that time it was Fama’s second greatest winning in living competitions.

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