Vlad Sidkaaaaa Sidihin: “In five years I want to win wsop bracelet”

– Cool! I have already sent the champion bracelet, very good! I do not wear on my hand, I’m afraid to break, so he took an honorable place on a shelf with prizes. There’s still a few trophies but hope the collection will be replenished.

– Easily gave a victory in the competition?

– To begin with the fact that I registered in "Mr" at the last moment. Somehow twisted and almost missing deadline. Helped Andrew Djonidze, reminded me of registration.

– Now you have a share of it!

– Well, necessarily. We will invent something! (smiles)

– The poker stage of missions and freezers as it was?

– Missions passed confidently, but in the friril my way in the competition could end up. In the middle of the tournament stood with AK against AA, and somewhere in the top 13 I left half of the big blind. And from that moment a spinning! So it coincided that that evening I had shot on PokerMatch, and of course emotions went crazy. Began to win the Alll-in on the Alll-in, went into the top 9, and then at the finale everything happened!

– Next was the intellectual stage and stream.

– Here I helped me that I like to play in "Your game" on the company. The principle knew the questions were different, but managed to win their rivals. And already in the top 6 before the start of business cards and streaming felt his championship. Still I have more experience.

– The audience cheered?

– Of course! I want to thank everyone who put me so high ratings and helped to win!

– In addition to the bracelet you still got 50,000 hryvnias of prize. Already invented where to spend the prize?

– Although this is the sum for me quite significant, I will say that the money in the competition was not the main. I wanted to get the bracelet! Spend always on what. I will update your Strimer place, there is a light to improve, something deposit, something will go into the bankrol for the game.

– Before becoming a professional porester you worked as a dealer. Why decided to change the place at the table?

– Still in a dealer’s asleep I slowly played online. Somehow decided to do the poker professionally. Initially, it was different. Was the moment when went to the big minus and temporarily returned to hand out cards. He went to the series to Prague, dumped money and returned to the game. Playing much more interesting than giving out (smiles).

Vlad Sidkaaaaa Sidihin. Photo: PokerMatch

– And why did I decide to go to Strmer?

– You know when you’re on air that is very discipline. Both in terms of organizing the day and in terms of playing at the table. I used to turn on some serial, distracted, and now I try to be as focused as possible. Well to keep yourself in shape – still in front of a large audience I play. And another important moment for me – you want to be recognized!

– And how, recognize?

– Yes, imagine! Recently went out to the shop in the pokerMatch T -shirt. And the guy looked at me for a long time and then he said: "You’re Sadka?". It was nice. Talked, wished him luck in the game.

– Spectators on the Strams are positively tuned?

– 98% yes. There are different haiters both in a chat and at the tables, and I try not to pay attention to them. Positive many times more than everyone goes.

– And with which of the guys from the shooting team you communicate more?

– All wonderful guys! I don’t even know who to separate. With Johni, we communicate, countryman still with Kharkiv, with Vlad "Batman" often play in FIFA, very impresses the sense of humor of Igor. And with Ternopil soldiers Steppe Solnyk and Taras "Diesel" There is always something to talk about. So the atmosphere among the pokermatch shore – fire!

– Recently you first shot PokerMatch slots. Liked?

– Yes, a very emotional thing. All the time any action on slots. And the audience likes, a lot of people wrote in chat. It seems to me that slots are the perfect story for entertainment. When you have a conditional 100 hryvnias with which you are ready to safely say goodbye, you can have fun playing them. Won – wonderful, lost – well and well. Only with this approach you can enjoy the slots.

– So, Mr. Pokermatch bracelet you already have. When you plan to take a wsop bracelet?

– A good question! Well, let it be 2025! And in general I have no harsh goals, I want to show a stable and successful game. Gradually climb the limits and improve their poker skills.